Colt McCoy, 2010 NFL Draft

2010 NFL Draft Prospect

Colt McCoyQuarterback

6’3”, 210 lbs.



Strengths: Mobility, Intelligence, Accuracy

Weaknesses: Size, Experience, Arm Strength

Scouting Report by Bryan Dietzler

After staying in school another season to not only help win a national title for the Texas Longhorns but also improve his draft stock, senior quarterback Colt McCoy is now eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft and could end up being one of the most sought after quarterbacks in this year’s draft.  McCoy has had his ups and downs while at Texas but with some good offseason workouts he just might move into that elite class of quarterback (with guys like Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen and Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford). 

The biggest positive about McCoy is that he is a winner.  During his time as quarterback of the Texas Longhorns, his Longhorn teams lost very few games and this was thanks to a bunch of things but mostly to strong play by the offense and with McCoy leading their offense the Longhorns hardly ever knew defeat.  He knows how to win and that’s a plus for any future NFL quarterback.  Another thing that McCoy does well is that he is a very athletic quarterback and perhaps one of the most athletic in this year’s quarterback class.  He moves around the pocket well and isn’t afraid to take off and run when there is no other option down the field (to throw the ball too).  And he runs very well as we have seen throughout his career at Texas.

As mentioned, McCoy has a lot experience playing and winning games and this gives him an edge over some of the other quarterbacks in the 2010 NFL Draft.  In regards to the mental aspects of his game, McCoy is a very good decision maker and makes them quickly and is usually right (see his interception totals proving that he is a good decision maker) and he also has a quick release.  McCoy is aware of where he is at in the pocket and how the rush is developing around him and with that he can step or move away from the rush effectively. 

In making quick decisions. McCoy is able to get rid of the football quickly and seldom makes mistakes when he has to make quick decisions.  He usually makes the right decision and it’s beneficial for the team.  He is also pretty creative with the football and can turn losses into gains and make the difficult play.  He is an accurate quarterback and can throw both the short and the long ball with great accuracy.  He has good touch on his passes and he is highly accurate on his shorter passes.

As mentioned, his arm strength is pretty good but it’s much better on shorter to intermediate routes.  McCoy’s mechanics are fine and he adjusts himself and the position of the ball well when he is throwing certain routes.  Like any good quarterback should have, McCoy has a great follow through on this throws and does not have any odd mechanics or motions when throwing the ball.  He is also a strong drop back passer and reads defenses well both before and during a play.  His footwork when dropping back is very consistent and he can throw well in all directions.  He doesn’t throw off of his back foot either.

McCoy’s experience in the Longhorn’s offense will help him out a lot in the NFL.  McCoy is very well experienced at making the calls on the line and ran the no huddle offense with ease while at Texas.  He also doesn’t make a lot mistakes and takes pressure very well. 

Finally, the biggest asset that McCoy brings to the table is leadership.  Game in and game out McCoy has never faltered leading his offense and was the heart and soul of the Longhorns team for the past few seasons.  He should be able to bring this to the NFL team that drafts him and if he gets a chance to start, he should be a true leader on the field once he gets comfortable in the offense.

What McCoy lacks is good vision at some times and there are instances where he might throw to a receiver and not see a more wide open receiver.  He also got sacked quite a bit at Texas and suffered the injury that took him out of the National Championship game so he may be a little beat up heading into the NFL.  He is also not the biggest quarterback or has the size for an ideal NFL quarterback but he does see the field well and doesn’t struggle too much due to size.   He isn’t as stout or thick bodied as some NFL quarterbacks are and this might be a problem for some teams.

While his mechanics are sound he does have some problems with his footwork and doesn’t look natural when throwing the ball sometimes.  This can be worked out in the NFL however and didn’t really affect him in college.  The biggest issue with McCoy may be that he didn’t play under center while at Texas and that he played in a system that played on his strengths and didn’t expose any of his weaknesses.  A lot of how he overcomes this will depend on which NFL team drafts him.  Also some teams may fear his want to take off and run when there is no play down the field so he will have to be taught accordingly.

Some observers feel that McCoy floats his deep ball a little bit and this has been evident in several games this season and last.  He will have to work on that in the NFL.  He is also guilty of staring down receivers at times and that is something he can’t do in the NFL.  While he does have a strong arm, McCoy does not throw the deep ball that well and won’t be able to strike from long distances that often.  Finally, McCoy may not have the upside that some other quarterbacks have because he has limited room to grow.  This may be a problem for some NFL teams as well.

While at Texas, McCoy picked up the following honors:

2009-Named the Walter Camp Football Foundation Player of the year, the 2009 Maxwell Award winner, the Davey O’Brien Award winner, the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award winner, first team All American selection, 2009 Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year, Manning Award Finalist, Campbell Trophy Winner, Lowes Senior Class Award, University of Texas’s Most Productive Offensive Performer (seven times).

2008-Named Walter Camp Foundation Player of Year, Chevrolet NCAA Offensive Player of the Year, Archie Griffin Award winner, Sporting New Co-Player of the Year, first team All-American by the Football Writers association of America, first team All-American by, first team All-American by the WCFF.  Named second team All-American by the Associated Press, Heisman Trophy runner up, Maxwell Award Finalist, Davey O’Brien Award Finalist, Manning Award finalist, Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year by the Associated Press, Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year by the Austin American-Statesman, Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year by the Dallas Morning News, Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year by the San Antonio Express, Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year by the Waco Tribune-Herald.  Named Fiesta Bowl MVP.  Member of the 2008 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team.  Named Davey O’Brien Quarterback of the Week three times.  Named Walter Camp Football Foundation Offensive Player of the Week.  Named AT&T ESPN All America Player of the Week.  Named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week three times.  Named the University of Texas Most Productive Offensive Performer eight times. 

2007-Holiday Bowl Offensive MVP.  First team Academic All-Big 12 selection.  Named to the Big 12 Good Works team.  Named the Longhorn’s George McCullough co-MVP.  Named the University of Texas’s most outstanding quarterback. 

2006-Davey O’Brien semifinalist.  Sporting News National Freshman of the Year, Touchdown Club of Columbus National Freshman of the Year, two time Cingular All-America Player of the Week, Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the year by the Big 12 coaches, Big 12 Offensive Newcomer of the Year by the Associated press, second team All-Big 12 honors, Alamo Bowl Offensive MVP, first team Academic All-Big 12 selection, George McCullough Co-MVP (along with Aaron Ross), Darrell K Royal Most Valuable Player. 

McCoy went to high school at Jim Ned High School. Some of the honors that he received while there included being named a two time AP 2A Offensive MVP, first team All-State selection, and two time Texas Sports Writers Associate First Team All-State.

McCoy’s statistics while at Texas are as follows:

2009-Completed 330 of 468 passes for a completion percentage of 70.5%.  He threw for 3512 yards and 27 touchdowns with a passer rating of 147.5.  He rushed for 348 yards and three touchdowns.  McCoy averaged 270.2 yards per game with a total of 296.9 total yards per game. 

2006: 217 Completions out of 318 attempts for 2570 total yards. He had a completion percentage of 62.2 and a yards per pass average of 8.08. He threw 29 touchdown passes with just seven interceptions. His longest pass was 72 yards and his quarterback rating was a whopping 161.82%. McCoy rushed 68 times for 170 yards with an average of 2.5 yards with two touchdowns and a long rush of 33 yards.

2007: 276 Completions out of 424 attempts for 3303 total yards. He had a completion percentage of 65.1 and a yards per pass average of 7.79. He threw 22 touchdown passes with 18 interceptions. His longest pass was 62 yards and his quarterback rating was 139.16. McCoy had 114 rushing attempts for 492 yards with an average of 4.31 yards per rush and four touchdowns.

2008: 291 Completions out of 375 attempts for 3445 total yards. He had a completion percentage of 77.6 and a yards per pass average of 9.19. He threw 32 touchdown passes with just seven interceptions. His longest pass was 91 yards and his quarterback rating was 179.20. McCoy rushed 117 times for 576 yards averaging 4.92 yards per rush with 10 touchdowns.

The Final Word: McCoy has to prove that he is well over the injury that he suffered in the National Championship game in order to get a stronger look by scouts.  If he is well McCoy will be one of the more sought after quarterbacks in the 2010 NFL Draft.  While he may not be a first round pick (although he could go late in the first round) he is almost a lock to be picked in the second round providing that he has great workouts this offseason and can show coaches that he is not as big of a system quarterback as everyone says he is.  He will end up being one of the more sound quarterbacks to come out of this draft and could even end up being a Pro Bowler at some point.

Predicted Pick Position: Late first to mid second round pick.