Mike Johnson

mike johnson

Offensive Guard

6 ’6” 305 lbs.



Strengths: Work ethic, intelligence, and versatility.

Weaknesses: Leverage, potential, strength and may lack a true position.

Mike Johnson has been a mainstay on one of the best offensive lines in college football for the last three seasons. He has been a four year contributor at Alabama, playing in 54 games for the Tide, starting 40 of them. He has played at guard and tackle. Seems best suited for left guard but his versatility should make him more attractive as a pro prospect.

Alabama has run the ball very effectively against some tough opponents, accumulating 215 yards per game on the ground in 2009 (12th in the nation) and allowing 20 sacks in 14 games. Alabama running back Mark Ingram also won the Heisman trophy in 2009, a testament to the type of blocking he got up front.

A decent pass protector inside, Johnson may be able to play some tackle at the next level as well. He doesn’t look like the strongest player on the field but he has held his own against top competition. He has also had to go against nose tackle Terrence Cody (6’5” 365 lbs.) every day in practice for the last two years so he has plenty of experience handling inside guys who are a lot bigger than him.

Johnson played next to last year’s first round pick, tackle Andre Smith, for the previous three seasons and helped his development as a player.

Johnson may lack top athleticism to be an elite pass blocker or the lower body strength to be a mauler in the running game. He will struggle with leverage at times and he may have already tapped out his potential as a player. He appears stiff in the hips and top heavy.

He does have the smarts though, recording a perfect 4.0 GPA in High School, scoring a 27 on the ACT.

Scouting report by Scot Acocks

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