Larry's 2009 MOCK DRAFT

By Larry McCammon, KC Chiefs NFL Columnist
Updated: 19 April 2009

1. Detroit= Matthew Stafford-QB-Georgia: Top QB. Top need in Detroit. Top pick.

2. St. Louis= Jason Smith-OT-Baylor: Any Free Agency acquisitions did not address their depleted offensive line. If it’s not Smith, it’s Monroe... simply put.

3. Kansas City= Aaron Curry-LB-Wake Forest: While I see a 50/50 chance that KC trades out of this spot, if the pick is made it will be for the best projected defensive player out of college.

4. Seattle= Knowshon Moreno-RB-Georgia: Right now, the Seahawks are looking to upgrade at RB and eventually at QB. Hasselbeck has 11 years in, but with one shot in the 1st round the bigger need sits at halfback. Hard choice, yet don’t be surprised if Sanchez heads to the Northwest.

5. Cleveland= Chris Wells-RB-OhioSt: While Braylon Edwards “might” go to the Giants, the Browns would most likely get a WR in return anyways. So, unless Jamal Lewis can find the Fountain of Youth by Friday night, Cleveland goes for a top running back.

6. Cincinnati= Eugene Monroe-OT-Virginia: No one truly stands out as THE ball carrier in Cincy, yet that might have more to do with the line then the lack of horsepower.

7. Oakland= Jeremy Maclin-WR-Mizzou: This is becoming the popular projected pick for Al Davis. While I’d like to take credit for being one of the first to throw him at #7 instead of Crabtree, I’ll humbly say... whatever, I was first.

8. Jacksonville= Mark Sanchez-QB-USC: David Garrad- 31 years old and not flashy, exciting, or promising. Mark Sanchez? Now, he’s flashy, exciting, and promising.

9. Green Bay= Brian Orakpo-DE-Texas: They need Favre back. I haven’t heard a thing out of Wisconsin concerning the Pack. I’ll take a guess. Help on the D-Line.

10.San Francisco= B.J. Raji-DT-BostonColl: Coach Singletary knows what builds a strong defense. He’ll solidify his defensive front with “The Jersey Turnpike Toker...ahem... Token”.

11. Buffalo= Everette Brown-DE-FloridaST: Now, with two 1st round picks, the Bills will stay on the defense with their first of two. They might have had their mind set on grabbing Sanchez with this extra pick (a little competition never hurt), but they should have done worse last year in efforts to secure that option.

12. Denver= Michael Crabtree-WR-TexTech: It’ll be a crazy first day of the draft if Denver tries to get into the QB trade-up sweepstakes. If they have to stay with pick 12, they will still have a shot for a good QB later on. Take the best offensive player in the draft.

13. Washington= Andre Smith-OT-Alabama: Snyder... Dan Snyder. Well, he’ll do something crazy on draft day. He already pulled a “McDaniels” by going after Jay Cutler and didn’t get him. Jason Campbell is a good QB. He could be even better with an improvement on the offensive line. Keep focused, Dan.

14. New Orleans= Malcolm Jenkins-CB-OhioSt: Offense, Offense, Offense. How about creating a pair of the best corners as a compliment? Everything has its balance.

15. Houston= Vontae Davis-CB-Illinois: The Texans are becoming NFL’s underdog champion for 2009. They have a promising offense and will simply need to shore up things in the flanks on D.

16. San Diego= Larry English-DE-N.Illinois: This guy is going to be good. Just look at his name! It just sounds good. And I hear he’s alright on the football field, too. The Chargers need help to resolve their injuries on the ends. This guy will be “The Resolution”. You can use that.

17. New York Jets= Josh Freeman-QB-KanST: This is going to be crazy. I wouldn’t bet a $1 that the Jets are still at #17 come Saturday. Their General Manager will do anything that the fans ask; and they want a QBOTF. But, since I won’t be able to guess how it’ll go down- this is my safe pick.

18. Denver(from Chicago)= James Laurinaitis-MLB-OhioSt: This is where the Broncos will have to decide on going with Orton and drafting a QB later, or improving their horrible defense from ’08. If I use that dollar I saved from the Jets’ pick, I’d say their best bet would be to grab a versatile linebacker, then create some QB competition with pick #48 overall.

19. Tampa Bay= Aaron Maybin-DE-PennST: They live and die in Tampa by their defense. Fast, quick, and determined won them a Super Bowl. That’s their mantra now. They should select an End that can drop back into coverage if needed.

20. Detroit (from Dallas)= Michael Oher-OT-Ole Miss Second need. Second pick. No second guess. If he is still there at this point the Lions would snap him up in about 2 seconds.

21. Philadelphia= LeSean McCoy-RB-Pittsburgh: Well, when they had two picks they could go for the top TE, yet with only 1 in the first round, they will have to be more picky and select the player that will provide them the best overall impact down-for-down. This one is tough. With Westbrook’s yardage down and reaching “trading age”, the PA native- McCoy- is very similar to Brian and could be the ‘fresher’ version.

22. Minnesota= William Beatty-OT-UConn: The Vikes are looking for that little push in effort to reach the big game. They have a solid defense, great running back, and competition at QB. What does a team grab when there’s no ‘clear’ choice? O-Line. You can never have enough.

23. New England=Donald Brown-RB-UConn: Although popular belief states that the Pats will go linebacker, I can’t imagine that a successful coaching staff as what New England has will pass on the NCAA yardage leader. I’ve heard this kid talk on the radio and he has his life together. Smart guy- smart pick- by a smart team.

24. Atlanta= Brian Cushing-OLB-USC: Matt Ryan and Michael Turner have given breathed some offensive life in the surprise team of 2008. Now, let’s breath some of that into the defense.

25. Miami= Tyson Jackson-DE-LSU: The other success story was the turn-around in southern Florida. With Jason Taylor mulling over the option of returning to the Dolphins, management will instead see the better deal by selecting someone with a few more years left.

26. Baltimore= Hakeem Nicks-WR-UNC: Baltimore’s defense is awesome!!! Let’s make their offense awesome!!! Done. See how easy that is?

27. Indianapolis= Rey Maualuga-MLB-USC: On a team known for its smart and harmonized structure, it would be only fitting to sprinkle a little “crazy” dust into the mix. Maualuga’s intensity is the perfect zest. Mmmmm... delicious!

28. Buffalo (From Philadelphia)= Max Unger-C-Oregon: Nice job getting an extra 1st rounder. Many will argue if it was worth it, yet grabbing the best center in years will prove to be a good O-Line swap of Jason Peters. Very good first round for the Bills; by addressing a need on both lines they’ll be set to squeeze into the playoffs.

29. New York Giants= Darrius Heyward Bey-WR-Maryland: Plaxico is not coming back. There’s a good chance that the Giants may trade for Edwards(CLE) or Boldin(ARI). But, until that happens I can’t ignore their most glaring need.

30. Tennessee= Percy Harvin-WR-Florida: The tight end from Oklahoma State, Pettigrew, could be tempting here. But with Crumpler and Scaife still on the roster, a wideout to compliment the running game will be necessary.

31. Arizona= Clay Matthews-OLB-USC: The Cardinals need to address their defense. They lost a LB to Kansas City and almost won the Super Bowl, for the lack of strong defense. Selecting the “under-rated” Matthews will help them balance their team.

32. Pittsburgh= Peria Jerry-DT-Mississippi: Offensive line and defensive line are the top needs. Taking the best player of the two positions seems to be the only choice.