Bryan's 2010 NFL Mock Draft

Updated 13 April 2010

By Bryan Dietzler

1.  St. Louis Rams-Sam Bradford-Oklahoma-(JR)-With Marc Bulger gone, the Rams will want to pick up a young quarterback that they can call their quarterback of the future.  Bradford is just the right guy for them.

2.  Detroit Lions-Ndamukong Suh-DT-Nebraska-Interest in Albert Haynesworth may have shown the Lions “hand” so to speak so taking Suh would be a no brainer for them.

3.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Gerald McCoy-Oklahoma-(JR)-Tampa Bay will miss out on Suh but will get the next best guy at the position.

4.  Washington Redskins-Russell Okung-OT-Oklahoma State-The Redskins have the quarterback, now they just need someone to protect him and Okung can be that cornerstone left tackle that you always hear about.

5.  Kansas City Chiefs-Eric Berry-S-Tennessee-(JR) The Chiefs will continue to work on their defense and adding a solid safety to help them stop the run as well as the pass is important.  Berry will be too hard for them to pass up.

6.  Seattle Seahawks-Jimmy Clausen-QB-Notre Dame-(JR)-It’s time that Seattle started to think about its quarterback of the future and Clausen could easily be that guy.  Pete Carroll loves him and would like to see him available at number six.

7.  Cleveland Browns-Joe Haden-CB-Florida-(JR)-The Browns could try to get a quarterback if there is one available here but if not they could look at taking Haden and improving their pass defense.

8.  Oakland Raiders-Bruce Campbell-OT-Maryland-(JR)-It’s going to be hard for owner Al Davis to pass up a talent like Campbell who is the most athletic offensive tackle in the draft.

9.  Buffalo Bills-Bryan Bulaga-OT-Iowa-(JR)-If Jimmy Clausen doesn’t fall to the Bills then their next best bet is to grab an offensive tackle to help stabilize their offensive line.  Bulaga, whose stock is falling a little, could be available at number nine and would be a wise pickup for the Bills.

10.  Jacksonville Jaguars-Dez Bryant-WR-Oklahoma-The Jaguars could go a couple of different ways with this pick but getting someone that can stretch the field and provide them with a good target down the field is a must.  Bryant should be there for the taking and if the Jaguars think he is over his off the field issues they should snap him up.

11.  Denver Broncos (from Chicago)-Rolando McClain-ILB-Alabama-(JR)-With their first pick in the first round the Broncos need to look at solidifying their defense.  Taking the best linebacker in the draft would definitely put them in the right direction.

12.  Miami Dolphins-Jason Pierre-Paul-DE-South Florida-(JR)-Paul is hands down the best defensive end in the draft and with Jason Taylor and Joey Porter gone the Dolphins need someone to rush the passer.

13.  San Francisco 49ers-Trent Williams-OT-Oklahoma-Williams stock is rising fast and the 49ers may not want to wait to take him with their second pick.  He’s a Mike Singletary kind of guy and would instantly help their offense.

14.  Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)-C.J. Spiller-RB-Clemson-With their quarterback issues taken care of with their first pick the Seahawks can take care of another need at running back and take Spiller, the best running back in the draft.

15.  New York Giants-Derrick Morgan-DE-Georgia Tech-(JR) The Giants didn’t do so well last season without a solid pass rush so look for them to make an upgrade at the defensive end position early in the draft.

16.  Tennessee Titans-Everson Griffen-DE-USC-(JR)-The Titans may want to think about a defensive tackle here as well but getting a good pass rush will help them get back to respectability on defense so Griffen might end up being the answer for them here.

17.  San Francisco 49ers-Brian Price-UCLA-(JR)-The 49ers need to get a strong starter on the defensive line and Price could be just the guy that they are looking for.  He’s got a ton of talent and will fit well in their system.

18.  Pittsburgh Steelers-Mike Iupati-OG-Idaho-The Steelers offensive line has been inconsistent and has put their quarterback in a bad spot many times.  They have to upgrade and upgrade early.

19.  Atlanta Falcons-Brandon Graham-DE-Michigan-The Falcons need to get a bigger pass rush and Graham would be a guy that could really help them out there.  He has a lot of potential and could start for them right away.

20.  Houston Texans-Earl Thomas-S-Texas-(Soph)-If Thomas falls to the Texans then they should grab him.  They could really use his help at the safety position and with the kind of skill that he has he would help improve an ever improving Texans defense.

21.  Cincinnati Bengals-Taylor Mays-S-USC-Mays is a superb athlete and someone that should be able to come in and help the Bengals out with the safety position right away.  Mays has future All-Pro written all over him.

22.  New England Patriots-Golden Tate-WR-Notre Dame-(JR)-Grabbing Tate here at number 22 would give the Patriots a much needed boost at the wide receiver position and allow them to be much more flexible in the passing game.

23.  Green Bay Packers-Anthony Davis-OT-Rutgers-(JR)-It’s no secret that the Packers need some help at the offensive tackle position.  Just ask quarterback Aaron Rodgers who spent a lot of time either running for his life or laying flat on the ground.  That being said Davis would be a good option for them here.

24.  Philadelphia Eagles-Kyle Wilson-CB-Boise State-Wilson is has cemented himself as the second best cornerback in the draft and the Eagles, needing help at the position, would want a guy like Wilson to help them shore up the position.

25.  Baltimore Ravens-Sergio Kindle-DE/OLB-Texas-The Ravens will want to start getting some consistency at the outside linebacker position and why not take someone who should be able to play the position well and rush the passer.  Kindle could easily be that type of guy.

26.  Arizona Cardinals-Sean Weatherspoon-OLB-Missouri-The Cardinals will want to retool their defense and add some help at the linebacker position.  Weatherspoon, one of the better players in this draft, will help them do that and shore up a weak point in their defense.

27.  Dallas Cowboys-Maurkice Pouncey-C/G-Florida-(JR)-After letting Flozell Adams go, the Cowboys will be in the hunt for someone to replace him.  If Iupati is gone by the time that they make their pick then they should “pounce on Pouncey” here at number 27.

28.  San Diego Chargers-Ryan Matthews-RB-Fresno State-Matthews has done a lot to help himself climb into the first round and with the Chargers sitting here at number 28 needing a running back he could be just the guy that they need. 

29.  New York Jets-Jared Odrick-DE/OLB-Penn State-The Jets could go with a wide receiver here but adding some pass rushing power to their defense would be a good idea and if Odrick is around, they should get him here.

30.  Minnesota Vikings-Dan Williams-DT-Tennessee-While Williams may be more of a nose tackle he could still excel in the Vikings defense and be the heir apparent to one of the two Williams’ already there.

31.  Indianapolis Colts-Charles Brown-OT-USC-The Colts need to get some help for their offensive line and should be able to get some talent late in the first round.  Brown should be there for the taking and could really help this team out.

32.  New Orleans Saints-Jermaine Gresham-TE-Oklahoma-Jeremy Shockey appears to always be injured and his time in New Orleans could be coming to an end soon.  Getting someone like Gresham who can catch the ball and block well would really go a long ways to helping what is already an all powerful offense.

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