Scot Acocks’ 2010 Mock Draft

Updated 14 April 2010

Seriously Mocking the Draft:

Mock Draft Contest – Final Version

1. St. Louis Rams – QB Sam Bradford: As I have said before, I expect a deal to be reached here before the draft begins. Bradford had a good pro-day, appearing healthy and capable of making all the throws necessary to be a good starting QB in the NFL. He is also very smart and should be quick enough to diagnose problems as they arise on the playing field. It is just too bad for him that he will be a Ram.

2. Detroit Lions – DT Ndamukong Suh: Yes, it is possible that the Lions go after an offensive tackle here but head coach Jim Schwartz is well aware of the fact that you cannot compete for a championship without a great defense. No other position in D-town has needed more help than the D-line and Suh should instantly upgrade the other tackle spot opposite of newly acquired Corey Williams. It is Detroit though and Suh could just as likely become one of the biggest busts of all time.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – OT Russell Okung: Tampa Bay is currently sitting in this spot but they are seeking a trade down. The Niners are in the hunt for one of the top offensive linemen in this draft and they possess two first round picks. It is possible that a trade could occur between the two teams. The Bucs have a plethora of young talent along the O-line already but Okung could be the final piece that makes it one of the league’s best. McCoy is an option here but my grandmother can bench more than him.

4. Washington Redskins – OT Bryan Bulaga: Donovan McNabb will need some protection now that he will be throwing passes in D.C. and Bulaga is as good as anybody in pass protection. He also has a mean streak that the coaches would like to see rub off on some of the other guys currently on the roster.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – S Eric Berry: The Chiefs addressed their O-line in free agency which frees them up to take the best defender available. Gerald McCoy does not really fit into a 3-4 scheme so KC will go with Berry, who is arguably as good as any other safety prospect to ever enter the draft. McCoy begins to get antsy.

6. Seattle Seahawks – DT Gerald McCoy: Seattle may trade up with Tampa to get McCoy with the third pick but they could also just sit and watch him slip down a bit after showing below average strength in pre-draft workouts. The Seahawks are in desperate need for more talent on their front line. Then again, they are in desperate need of talent everywhere.

7. Cleveland Browns – QB Jimmy Clausen: Jimmy’s older brother Casey would be an upgrade at quarterback for the Browns after they cleaned house. Jake Dehlhommme will buy the young gunslinger at least one year to learn the pro game before he’s expected to take over. How many Notre Dame QB’s will it take before they get it right?

8. Oakland Raiders – LB Rolando McClain: Do not be surprised if Tim Tebow gets taken here considering the fact that owner Al Davis knows how to waste high draft picks on overrated prospects better than anybody. McClain could be a pro-bowler in the middle though and should not drop much lower than this.

9. Buffalo Bills – OT Anthony Davis: The top tackles should go quick this year and Davis is one of the best. He could make life a lot easier for quarterback Trent Edwards and running back Marshawn Lynch, who could then make life easier for the defense.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars – CB Joe Haden: Haden is the best cornerback prospect available in this draft as he can cover butts like underwear. I know – I’ve used that joke already but I am counting on the fact that nobody actually reads anymore.

11. Denver Broncos – WR Dez Bryant: With Marshall now gone to the Dolphins the Broncos take the best receiver in the draft. Hopefully the new guy will not be as much of a headache as Marshall was for the organization.

12. Dolphins – DE Brandon Graham: Most “experts” have Graham rated as a late first round or early second round prospect. I asked him about that and he said he would gladly meet anybody out in the parking lot to talk about it. The guy is built like a UFC heavyweight and runs a 4.7 forty. In my opinion he has “pro-bowl player” written all over him.

13. San Francisco 49ers– OT Trent Williams: With their first of two picks in the first round the ‘Niners address their biggest need. This pick should be easy for head coach Mike Singletary as Williams was well-prepared for the combine and should be a mainstay on the line for a long time.

14. Seattle Seahawks – DE Jason Pierre-Paul: An exceptional athlete who could help this defensive line improve, Pierre-Paul will help the defense as a whole. The offense could use a boost but the ‘Hawks need to build up their defensive front as badly as I need another cup of coffee, which is badly.

15. New York Giants – SS Earl Thomas: This pick makes perfect sense, especially since the team signed Antrel Rolle from the Cardinals to play free safety. Honestly though, Laurel and Hardy would have been an upgrade at safety for the Giants after Kenny Phillips went down last year.

16. Tennessee Titans –. OL Mike Iupati: Iupati is huge (6’6” 330 lbs.), ripped, and did not allow a sack in ’09. He seems like a perfect match for a team that prides itself on solid play in the trenches. He is the best thing to come out of Idaho since the television.

17. San Francisco 49ers – RB CJ Spiller: Frank Gore could use a speedy compliment in the backfield. This offense could turn out to be very dangerous if Alex Smith keeps throwing to his teammates instead of opposing defenders.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – WR Arrelious Benn: Santonio Holmes is gone and Benn is a great prospect who should bring another dimension to the offensive with his combination of size, speed, and strength.

19. Atlanta Falcons – DE Carlos Dunlap: The Falcons need help at end. Dunlap is a freakish athlete that could become a Mario Williams type of player. If he appears to be too much of a risk the Falcons will probably take Derrick Morgan instead. DUI’s on important game weeks have a nasty habit of lowering one’s draft stock.

20. Houston Texans – DT Brian Price: The Texans could use a cornerback, an offensive lineman, a wide receiver, and a running back but the team really wants to have a dominant D-line with the ability to shut down opposing offenses and make life easier for their linebackers. On the other hand, how many first round picks will it take to get it right?

21. Cincinnati Bengals – TE Jermaine Gresham: The best tight end in the draft should go to a team that desperately needs somebody to step up and perform for them there. Gresham might just change his name to “Numero Uno”.

22. New England Patriots – DE/OLB Sergio Kindle: Head coach Bill Belichick thought that last year’s daft class was weak and traded out of the first round. He then drafted a weak crop of players like he promised but now has three second round picks this year to make up for it. The Pats will address their biggest need here with Kindle, who should help bolster the pass rush.

23. Green Bay Packers – C Maurkice Pouncey: The Packers need help along the O-line. Pouncey is the best center prospect in this draft by far and he can play guard too. Do not be surprised to see him in the pro-bowl someday.

24. Philadelphia Eagles – DE Derrick Morgan: Even though he was dominated like The Gimp by Bulaga in the Orange Bowl, Morgan has the size and motor to develop into a great pro.

25. Baltimore Ravens – CB Kyle Wilson: A good all-around prospect, Wilson should contribute immediately on defense. He might help keep business down for the team’s newly acquired burn-treatment unit.

26. Arizona Cardinals – DT Dan Williams: This team needs defenders like I need a job, which is badly. If they do not improve they can kiss the playoffs good-bye in 2010.

27. Dallas Cowboys – OT Bruce Campbell: Workout warrior (4.85 forty) still needs to learn how to play football. The ‘Boys need somebody to watch Romo’s backside. All those teenage girls in the stands just aren’t cutting it so maybe Campbell will develop into a good pro player.

28. San Diego Chargers – S Taylor Mays: After the combine workout that this guy had it would not be a surprise to see him get taken in the top 20. However, I believe he is a better athlete than football player at this point and his lack of big plays in college does not warrant him going any higher than this. He should look great in a Lightning Bolt helmet though.

29. New York Jets – WR Golden Tate: Even after getting Holmes the team cannot pass up on one of the fastest and strongest receiving prospects in the draft. Tate dominated the competition at Notre Dame last year and he should help take pressure off a great running game and a young quarterback. Notre Dame’s independent rival Keebler Elf College will at least be glad to see him go.

30. Minnesota Vikings – OT Vladimir Ducasse: This might be a bit of a reach but the Vikings need somebody to step in and compete. If Brett Favre does come back, which I think he will, he’ll need all the protection that he can get.

31. Indianapolis Colts – DT Jared Odrick: Odrick can penetrate and wrap up as well as anybody. These traits have earned him the nickname “Trojan Man”.

32. New Orleans Saints – LB Sean Weatherspoon: Nobody made more tackles than this guy over the course of the last three seasons in college. The Saints think he will be a good fit in their defense. Dan Morgan might disagree but he forgot what we were talking about. Sorry, that was just bad taste.

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