2011 NFL DraftLarry McCammon's: 2011 Mock Draft

Updated: Final: 24 April 2011

Larry McCammon: 2011 Mock Draft (FINAL)

*Its final. With the NFL Owners and the NFLPA holding off further CBA mediations until May 16th, there’s no chance that Free Agency will happen- thus, giving us draftniks NOTHING to work with...

1. Carolina Panthers: Marcell Dareus (DT-Alabama)= They drafted 3 QBs in the 2010 Draft. I think the jury is still out on the quarterbacking possibilities. They only grabbed 1 DL and they were plagued with injuries in the front 7.

2. Denver Broncos: Da’Quan Bowers (DE-Clemson)= 2nd to last in rushing yards allowed, plus only 23 sacks all season. They need a player that is both a sack specialist AND a run-stopper. His knee is just fine.

3. Buffalo Bills: Nick Fairley (DT-Auburn)= Fitzpatrick is a solid QB with a young receiving corps. Giving up the most ground yards in the league dictates this pick.

4. Cincinnati Bengals: Cam Newton (QB- Auburn)= The Bengals have already stated that they are willing to fight it out with Palmer on the bench, so what would you do???

5. Arizona Cardinals: Von Miller (OLB- TexA&M)= I believe the Cards will grab an established QB when Free Agency starts back up (McNabb, Palmer, Kolb).

6. Cleveland Browns: A.J. Green (WR- Georgia)= The Brownies have a lot of potential in the pint-sized McCoy at the helm. He needs a serious weapon.

7. San Francisco 49ers: Patrick Peterson (CB- LSU)= With Harbaugh in the driver’s seat, he’ll get the QB situation figured out- even if that means drafting one later. First on the dockett: addressing their poor pass defense.

8. Tennessee Titans: Blaine Gabbert (QB-Missouri)= They need a QB to replace Young’s departure. Collins is 38 and is starting to slip.

9. Dallas Cowboys: Tyron Smith (OT- USC) = Dallas lacks a lockdown type CB. But, they truly lack a healthy QB behind that line.

10. Washington Redskins: Jake Locker (QB- Wash) = This team has a lot of work to do. McNabb will most likely go to another team. Shanahan likes his QBs to be mobile.

11. Houston Texans: Prince Amukamara (CB-NEB)= Houston gave up the most passing yards in the league in 2010. This killed their highly potent offensive game by allowing teams to go through the air to pull out victories.

12. Minnesota Vikings: Robert Quinn (DE- UNC)= I believe the Vikings are a team that will push for a FA QB when the time comes. The rest of their team can’t wait for rookie to mature, and Frazier is a defensive-minded coach.

13. Detroit Lions: Anthony Castonzo (OT- BosCol)= You would think that the surging Lions’ quarterbacks were made of china. They need to continue to fill the OL with potential, talent, and depth.

14. St. Louis Rams: Julio Jones (WR- Alabama)= They could go O-line here, but without Amendola at wideout there’s not much helping for the budding Sammy.

15. Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram (RB-Alabama) = Miami was in a bad spot when it came to rushing yards per attempt. Ronnie Brown has seemed to plateau and Ricky may have reached his football lifespan.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars: Ryan Kerrigan (OLB/DE- Purdue) = The Jags fall into an awkward selection. They were both ranked 22nd and 28th in rush defense and pass defense, respectively.

17. New England Patriots: Mike Pouncey (C/OG- Florida)= The Pats have 2 picks in the 1st Round. I’m thinking, that Bill’s thinking is: one for OL, then one for DL. And since there’s a limited number of top tier offensive linemen this year, we’ll start with that position.

18. San Diego Chargers: Cameron Jordan (DE- Cal) = With 2 of their top 3 WRs going Free Agent, that may be the direction taken. Yet, the top WRs are gone and a 3-4 DE & OLB are also big needs.

19. New York Giants: Gabe Carimi (OT- WISC)= Some say OLB, yet the front seven dominated the league last season. Addressing their needs at OT in the first will be the best route to take.

20-Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Nate Solder (OT- Colorado)= Their offense is coming along well, but they didn’t spend one pick last year towards the future of their offensive line.

21. Kansas City Chiefs: Akeem Ayers (DE/OLB- UCLA)= Needs are WR and pass rusher. Thin receiving class this year and the hybrid DE/OLB class flourishes. A Hali and Akeem tandem could be scary!

22. Indianapolis Colts: Corey Liuget (DT- Illinois)= The Colts will be just fine once all their receivers heal. But, allowing 4.6 yards per carry just won’t do. A balanced DT for their 4-3 should help.

23. Philadelphia Eagles: Martez Wilson (ILB- Illinois)= They are an offensive circus with Vick, Jackson, and Maclin. They need to solidify the leader position in their 4-3 defense.

24. New Orleans Saints: Ryan Williams (RB- VaTech)= Just as others and I predicted, the Saints fell at the Seahawks due to a lack of solid running. Injuries and “specialty” backs just won’t get you by. They need a starter. And their offense likes ‘em with receiver’s hands.

25. Seattle Seahawks: JJ Watt (DE- Wisc)= With a solid LB corps, the Seahawks need to figure how to get their pass and rush defenses out of the bottom third. They need to grab the best DE or DT available.

26. Baltimore Ravens: Jimmy Smith (CB- Colorado)= A very well rounded team that simply lacks solid play from their Corners. If they make a good pick here and those LBs hold up- look out!

27. Atlanta Falcons: Justin Houston (OLB- Georgia) = A very solid team all-around that would greatly improve with a hybrid DE/OLB.

28. New England Patriots: Adrian Clayborn (DE- Iowa)= Now, on to the 2nd selection in the 1st Round... the other side of the line.

29-New York Jets: Aldon Smith (DE/OLB- Missouri)= While, as a whole, the Jets can get the sack, they need that standout pass-rushing playmaker. Smith seems to have all the “potential”.

30. Chicago Bears: Derek Sherrod (OT-MissST)= Last in sacks allowed and 23rd in yards per rush attempt. Pretty easy to figure out what needs to be addressed.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers: Danny Watkins (OG- Baylor)= Would you believe that the Steelers were 17th yards per rush and gave up 43 sacks? Showing how easily a solid OL can crumble with Pouncey’s injury, they should grab the best lineman available at pick #31.

32-Green Bay Packers: Mikel LeShoure (RB- Illinois)= How do you improve the Super Bowl Champs? Sitting at 24th overall in rushing yards and 28th in yards per carry, it should be clear. Rodgers and a running game... repeat in the works???

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