Scot's 2011 Mock NFL Draft

nfl draftFinal 27 April 2011

Pre-Draft-Mathematics 2011

By Scot Acocks

1. Carolina Panthers: CB Patrick Peterson, LSU - Breakdown: Top Athlete + Great Production in SEC + Great Workouts = Top prospect in the draft, regardless of position.

2. Denver Broncos: DT Marcel Dareus, Alabama - Breakdown: Great Size/Strength + Great Production in SEC + Great Workouts = A prospect worthy of being taken #1 overall

3. Buffalo Bills: OLB Von Miller, Texas A & M - Breakdown: Great Sack Artist/Production + Versatile + Great Workouts = Easily a top five prospect.

4. Cincinnati Bengals: QB Blaine Gabbert, Missouri - Breakdown: Great Production + Good Intangibles + Great Need = A bit of a reach but could pay off big in a few years.

5. Arizona Cardinals: DE Robert Quinn, UNC - Breakdown: Great Athlete + Great Pass-rushing Skills + Great Need = A player that could help revive the Cardinals defense.

6. Cleveland Browns: WR AJ Green, Georgia - Breakdown: Game-changing Ability + Nice Size + Great Workouts + Great Need = A perfect fit.

7. San Francisco: CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska - Breakdown: Good Production + Good Defensive Skills + Good Workouts = A solid prospect worthy of a top ten pick.

8. Tennessee Titans: DT Corey Liuget, Illinois - Breakdown: Very Quick + Good Workouts + No Red Flags = A late draft board riser that could help toughen up the defense in Nashville.

9. Dallas Cowboys: OT Tyron Smith, USC - Breakdown: Good Workouts + Nice Size + Great Potential = I think this is a reach that the 'Boys will be willing to make.

10. Washington Redskins: WR Julio Jones, Alabama: Breakdown: Great Combine + Great Size + Great Skills = A player worthy of being taken higher.

11. Houston Texans: DT Nick Fairley, Auburn: Breakdown: Great Year + Good Workouts - Some Possible Character Flaws = A guy that has not shown great maturity or smarts and has therefore slipped down draft boards.

12. Minnesota Vikings: QB Cam Newton, Auburn - Breakdown: Spectacular Resume + Intriguing Skills - Red Flags Galore = A guy with the skills to be something special that scares a lot of teams off for one reason or another.

13. Detroit Lions: DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson - Breakdown: Great Skills/Size + Pass-rush Ability - Health Concerns = A player that could fit in well alongside Ndamukong Suh in D-town.

14. St Louis Rams: OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College - Breakdown: Four-year Starter + Good Production + Solid Intangibles = Possibly the most NFL-ready OT prospect in the draft.

15. Miami Dolphins: OG/C Mike Pouncey - Breakdown: Versatile + Good Production + Huge Need = A guy that should continue his current streak of 41 consecutive starts as a Florida player.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa - Breakdown: Good All-Around Skills + Good Production + Big Need - Some Health Concerns = A guy that was once considered the top prospect should find a home on the east coast.

17. New England Patriots: DE JJ Watt, Wisconsin - Breakdown: Nice Production + Good Workouts + Great Size = A player that should help the front seven of the Pat's D.

18. San Diego Chargers: DE Cam Newton, Cal - Breakdown: Nice Size/Strength + Nice Resume + Versatile = A good prospect that is nothing fancy.

19. New York Giants: RB Mark Ingram, Alabama - Breakdown: Great College Player + Great Power + Hard Worker - Lack of Top-end Speed = A player that could help toughen up the offense.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple - Breakdown: Great Potential + Good Workouts + Great Size/Skills + Big Need = A guy that should help the Buc D stop the run.

21. Kansas City Chiefs: DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue - Breakdown: Good Athlete + Great Production = A guy that could take over for the aging Mike Vrabel.

22. Indianapolis Colts: OT Nate Solder, Colorado - Breakdown: Good College Player + Intriguing Ability - Lack of Strength/Leverage = Not as good of a prospect as most might think but is worthy of consideration late in round one.

23. Philadelphia Eagles: CB Aaron Williams, Texas - Breakdown: Good Size + Nice Skills + No Red Flags = A guy that was good enough to keep Earl Thomas at safety in '09 that is rising up draft boards.

24. New Orleans Saints: DE Aldon Smith, Missouri - Breakdown: Good Size + Great Potential - Lack of Leadership Skills = Improving player with the ability to be a good starter in the NFL.

25. Seattle Seahawks: OT Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin - Breakdown: Great Size + Good Run-blocking Ability = A guy that can help toughen up the offense a bit.

26. Baltimore Ravens: DL Cam Heyward, Ohio St - Breakdown: Solid College Resume + Nice Size + Good Pedigree = A guy that should fit right in on the Raven's defensive front.

27. Atlanta Falcons: CB Jimmy Smith, Colorado - Breakdown: Great Size + Good Skills + Good Workouts - Character Issues = A top 20 talent that will probably slip.

28. New England Patriots: OL Derek Sherrod, Mississippi St - Breakdown: Good College Player + Good Potential = A guy that could help protect Tom Brady and help the offense move the chains on third down.

29. Chicago Bears: OG Danny Watkins, Baylor - Breakdown: Toughness + Intangibles + Need = The Bears will have a hard time justifying passing this guy up.

30. New York Jets: DE/OLB Brooks Reed, Arizona - Breakdown: Great Quickness + Pass-rushing Ability + Great Motor = The type of guy that Rex Ryan loves.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers: TE Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame - Breakdown: Good Receiver + Great Size + Best Prospect Available = A guy that would look good in a Steeler's uniform.

32. Green Bay Packers: DT Phil Taylor, Baylor - Breakdown: Massive Body + Great Potential - Questionable Work Ethic = A guy that could help keep the Titletown D stout for a long time, even if Cullen Jenkins leaves.

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