Daryl Breault

NFL Draft Dog Senior Writer
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Columnist

Few writers elicit a “who?” quite like Senior Writer Daryl Breault (pronounced ‘Bro’). Daryl has been writing for Draftdog since summer 2007 and quickly earned his ‘Senior Writer’ title by providing coverage on the site for teams that did not have writers, keeping his Tampa Bay Buccaneers column updated regularly and being a big part of NFL Draft Dog’s 2008 NFL Draft Coverage, providing a mock draft and profiles of dozens of college players.

Daryl literally came out of nowhere to join the Draftdog team. Born and raised in Ontario , Daryl grew up watching the Buccaneers in the old NFC Central and has been hooked on football since he was a kid. Being in Canada , hockey was a huge part of life but football became the sport that grabbed Daryl’s attention early and has yet to let go. As Daryl will routinely brag, “I’ve forgotten more about football in my 23 years than many fans will ever know.”

Too small and too slow to ever be much of an athlete, Daryl realized early in high school that if he wanted to be around sports, he had to take a new track and while that new track took quite some time to materialize, I think he has it figured out. For someone with no background in the sport as a player or coach, Daryl surprises people with his knowledge of the game. Combine that with his top notch writing ability and a journalism career has been born. A beat writer (columnist) at NFL Draft Dog was his starting point, and after a few months his superior writing ability led to him being promoted to Senior Writer. Now he has a popular Mock Draft and does numerous scouting reports.

Daryl has since taken his experience here and and turned it into a job as a reporter at a small town newspaper in Alberta. Many reporters and journalists spend years preparing and studying to make that a career; Daryl did it in a year with no formal journalism education, a couple of websites to his name and ‘God’s gift in a pen’ as he so eloquently puts it. In fact, Daryl got the reporter position based on the strength of writing in his 2008 NFL mock draft! That was all the owner/publisher needed to see to know that he wanted Daryl for the job. Currently, Daryl covers a broad range of topics for the Vegreville Observer and Vegreville News Advertiser and has been the lead reporter on some of the biggest stories to ever hit the town of Vegreville (pop. 5,520).

He and his wife Britany moved to Alberta in March 2008 to get a better opportunity in life for themselves and for their 2 year old daughter Londyn. Upon arriving, Daryl took hold of the reporter job and Britany found a tremendous opportunity in the health care field which would not have been an option if they stayed in Ontario. Daryl will again be providing his insight over the coming season, covering the Bucs, filling in blanks for other teams and will continue to be a big part of the sites NFL Draft coverage. Watch your back Kiper!

Sports has shown us that stars come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and from places you least expect it. Who says that can’t apply to sports writers too?

You can contact Daryl at: daryl@nfldraftdog.com and follow him on Twitter here: @Daryldraftdog

Recent scouting reports done by Daryl:

RB CJ Spiller, Clemson
MLB Micah Johnson, Kentucky
WR Naaman Roosevelt, Buffalo